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Coming from San Francisco

  • Take the Interstate 580 East to the Interstate 80 East

  • Take the Interstate 80 East into Sacramento (53 miles) to the Interstate 5

  • Coming from Southern California

  • Take the Interstate 5 to Sacramento

  • Come through Sacramento, take the Interstate 5 North of the city (3.6 miles) to the California 99 North 

  • (5 & 99 are same highway for awhile)


  • Coming from Sacramento Airport

  • Take the Interstate 5 South about 5 miles to the California 99 North

  • Take the 99  North  about 10-15 minutes to the California 70 North toward Marysville 

  • Take the California 70 North about 20-25 minutes to Marysville

    • (to go to Walmart, take the second Feather River Blvd. exit just before Marysville)

    • upon leaving Walmart turn right out of parking lot keep going straight abt 1 mile. It will put you directly back onto fwy

    • you're right back on the California 70 North 

  • Come into Marysville to 9th Street and turn right

  • Go 1-2 blocks to B Street  and turn left – that is the California 70

  • Take that road out of town about 11-12 miles to Lower Honcut Road

    • (this is the first right after seeing the sign on your right that says Butte county)

  • Take Lower Honcut about 10 minutes,… the road will turn to the left and becomes Laporte

    • Drive another mile and a half to Dunstone ... (This street is easy to drive past)

    • this is a gravel road and is the first street that you can only turn left on

  • Take Dunstone about 3 miles where you will see a V in the road --- stay to the left)

  • Take Dunstone another mile… you will see a little farm house on your left with fencing on both sides of the road

  • Just past the little farm house… on your right you will see a mailbox and a street sign that says Butte Oaks Road

  • Come up to mailbox on the right showing 515 Butte Oaks Road … turn right 

  • Go about 200 yards to the gate … you need a code on the lock to open the lock on the gate

  • For the gate code, please call OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, TERRY GREENE 818-314-6794 

  • Drive 1  mile thru ranch road to house… house has an electric gate …You will receive the code to open prior to arrival  

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